La Sua Dolce Vita.

Around my sophomore year of high school I became aware of my passion for baking. I like to believe that the love I have for baking began with one simple, yet incredible woman. This woman’s name is Margaret Moloney.

Starting this blog was a bit nerve-wrecking (this is probably an abnormal feeling for most because it is only a blog, right??!). I have tried once before to start a blog and needless to say I failed. But because my first post on this new blog will be about Margaret I feel much more confident. Margaret became my babysitter when I was just three months old. Sadly, she passed away in June 2010. Here’s a little history about Margaret Philomena Moloney for those of you who have never had the privilege of meeting her…

Margaret as born in Balintra, County Donegal, Ireland to James and Mary Gallagher. She was one of eight children (can you say Irish Catholic family?). She came to the United States in 1965/66. One of her sisters, Rita, introduced Margaret to a man named Michael Moloney, who was her husband’s brother. Margaret and Mike (or the M&M couple, as I like to call them!) married in April 1967. They raised 5 children: Pat, Brian, Siobhan, Sinead, and Andrew all of whom are married now and have absolutely wonderful families. I have the pleasure to babysit all of Margaret’s grandkids.


The best memories I have of Margaret are ones that I shared with her in her kitchen…(this is starting to sound oddly familiar, oh that’s right! I retold these memories in my Culinary Institute of America essay. I might create a new post with that essay for those who might be able to relate.) Margaret and I would bake scones and Irish soda bread together, and I would enjoy every moment of it! Since her passing I haven’t been able to make soda bread…maybe someday I will. It may sound kind of silly but Irish Soda Bread was Margaret’s thing, and everyone knew she made it best. I don’t want to *attempt to bake her dessert knowing that she’s not around to critique it.

I will always be indebted to Margaret for planting the seed of a pastry arts career for me…

Thank you for being a part of my life Margaret and encouraging me to pursue my life goals no matter how bumpy the road ahead may look.

“My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it’s on your plate. That’s my philosophy. ” ~Thornton Wilder




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