Inspiration from the Beach Boys.

I truly LOVE the Beach Boys. I remember the first time hearing one of their songs in a Full House episode. The episode is when the Tanner family gets trapped on an island. Here’s a link to a segment of that episode:

Image Image

While other kids in my class were asking for i-phones, designer bags, and cars for their Sweet 16 I asked for a red kitchen aid mixer. Sadly, I did not receive my mixer until my 17th birthday but I’m happy that I have it now! While normal people were naming their cars, I was naming my kitchen equipment.

My red kitchen aid mixer is named Rhonda. The Beach Boys have a song entitled “Help Me Rhonda”, and as you might guess that is the song I tend to belt out while I am baking with my mixer.

I also have a babycakes cake pop machine who I originally named Betty, but thanks to my sister her name is now Barbara Ann. The name Barbara Ann is inspired by (if you can believe it!!) by the Beach Boy’s song….wait for it…. BARBARA ANN!!

And that’s the storyline of how the equipment in my kitchen came to be named after Beach Boys songs!

“Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world.” ~Beach Boys


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