My mom and I just had a sushi dinner and decided that we would treat ourselves to a nice cupcake for dessert! We went to one of our local favorites, Cupcakes in Heels located on Bell Blvd. I could describe this bakery in one word- stylish! Each of their cupcakes is named after a designer or brand name.

I went into the store planning on just purchasing one cupcake ( I know, I sound crazy; who just buys ONE cupcake??) Anyway the very friendly employee informed me that an hour before closing the cupcakes are buy one get one free! What a great idea! As one would expect, I was SOLD!!! Image

My only struggle was choosing between the strawberry cupcake, the peanut butter cupcake, or the carrot cake cupcake. I ended up choosing the strawberry cupcake, also known as the Burberry cupcake, and the peanut butter cupcake, also known as the Gucci cupcake.

My mom and I split both cupcakes and enjoyed them immensely with a nice cuppa tea!


“Thus the public use of reason and freedom is nothing but a dessert, a sumptuous dessert.” ~Johann G. Hamann


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