Ryan’s Holy Communion


Back in May a family-friend, Jill, asked me to whip up some sweets for her son’s Holy Communion- of course I could not refuse! A little back-history, Jill used to babysit me and my sister so it felt really special to do something that I loved-baking- for her son, Ryan’s special day. This was my first attempt at “catering” ,if you can even call it that, so I was a bit nervous but then I remembered the audience: kids; kids will eat anything!! After I realized that I became a bit less anxious and next thing I knew Jill was talking me into making business cards!!

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find the recipes I used so I’ll just be including pictures for this post. For Ryan’s Holy Communion I made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and cookie-dough frosting, and sugar cookies with royal icing. *This was my first time working with royal icing… HEADS UP! It takes a while for the frosting to reach the desired texture. There are plenty of useful websites out there for “Royal Frosting 101” Be sure to read them as they provided me with a great introduction!

Hopefully I’ll rediscover the recipes soon and when I do I’ll be sure to post ’em!


Image“If you bake a cupcake, the world has one more cupcake. If you become a circus clown, the world has one more squirt of seltzer down someone’s pants. But if you win an Olympic gold medal, the world will not have one more Olympic gold medalist. It will just have you instead of someone else.”     ~Steven E. Landsburg


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