Pie fan

Pie DayWho doesn’t love pie? I mean honestly it is just so good! And there are so many different flavors of pie one can try! This is a picture of me on pie day, it is quite obvious how excited I was to try all the pies.

We made pecan pie, apple pie, banana cream pie, lemon meringue pie, quiche (which isn’t really a pie but somehow it snuck it’s way in there), and a coconut cream pie.

Chef Coppedge was our instructor that day and he is just awesome. He’s one of the funniest chefs I’ve ever met. One time during lecture, I kid you not, he just went down into a split. I almost freaked out because I thought he fell over.  One creative tip he told me was to melt cheese and put it on top of the apple pie; I was the only person in the class to try it and it was so delicious.  Chef Coppedge, I am forever grateful!


“Just eat pie.” – Chef Coppedge


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