Bakery Review

I think the most genuine thing a person could do for another is to think of them; it doesn’t matter if the thought of someone else is just a fleeting one it’s the action itself that is the generous gesture. 

Let me start off by saying that the bakery I’m going to review in this post, Cannelle Patisserie, was recommended to me by one of my closest friends, Sandra. It was Sandra’s father that first told me about the bakery- he knew I was going to school for pastry and thought it might interest me to check out a local bakery that he had frequented many times. 



It was very difficult to find Cannelle Patisserie; I didn’t realize that it was inside a large complex center next to a grocery store and a rite aid. I noticed signs once I got inside that they are opening a second location in Long Island city so I’m sure that will be an easier drive! 

The patisserie does not have the best surroundings but it stands apart from it’s neighbors with its beautiful pinstriped awning and glass doors. Their display case is set up very neatly and filled with classical french pastries. My purchase included a cannelle (I mean how could I not, when the pastry itself is in the shop’s title) and a paris brest.



I truly enjoyed the paris brest with it’s creamy, light, hazelnut pastry cream. I was not a great admirer of the cannelle; it was dense and spongey and had blisters on the skin. The prices were reasonable and if I was not going out to lunch shortly after my stop at the patisserie I would’ve indulged in another pastry.

I would definitely return to Cannelle Patisserie. They seemed to have many returning customers, especially a large breakfast crowd, which is always a positive observation. 

If any of you have visited Cannelle Patisserie please share your thoughts below!


Cannelle Patisserie

75-59 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11370
(718) 565-6200


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