Dodge the oil, embrace the blog

Oh, to try and be humorous or to risk inevitably sticking out like a sore loser blog post in front of all the cool kids.

Let’s do this.

I look at my blogpost & I as a relationship.

It’s you and it’s me baby; it’s my thoughts on your page. I’m sorry I leave you infrequently but I’m making a resolution to be better.  I have a notorious track record for being a little behind in the game…

I make my New Year’s resolutions in the summer  [apparently]. I do my spring cleaning in the summer heat- torturous, really. I grew up on encyclopedias as a research tool  while everyone else’s parents were out buying their family households the newest installment of Windows. I did not learn how to ride a bike until I was fifteen nor did I realize how much I would miss you blog, until now.

Currently, avoiding oil splashes from some squash blossoms that we’re frying so have to get moving to safer ground. Check back in later for the recipe & pictures!


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