Bakery Review: Financier

To those who have recently discovered my blog…welcome! I hope you stay a while and are able to try out a recipe or two. If you’re wondering why I have so many bakery reviews it’s because I’m not the biggest fan of yelp. Whenever I wish to read reviews on bakeries I find myself continuously scrolling through people’s comments and half of the time that huge essay that you just spent 20 mins reading to find out how those croissants they ordered tasted just ends up being an essay about how the family couldn’t find an appropriate seat for their uncle cause there was a strange draft coming in. Has this happened to anyone else?! Anyways, these brief reviews are just a recount of my experience to help one decide if it’s worth your while to trek out to a specific destination for a sugar fix.

I have just recently visited Financier, a very traditional french patisserie with locations all throughout NYC. Unfortunately, I had an awful experience here. To begin with I was standing in line, knowing already what I wanted but when an employee walked down the line I happen to have my eyes on the glass display case so instead the employee said to the gentleman BEHIND me, “You look ready sir, I’ll take your order right here.” Okay in all fairness I could see maybe she thought I was still making up my mind because I was looking down but at least have the decency to ask me first!  I could see from where I was standing in line that the cashier was giving everyone a free sample of a financier. I remember thinking “Okay, awesome! Now I don’t have to worrying about buying my own financier to taste because she is giving out samples!” But, of course, by the time she took my order she decided not to give me a sample, but don’t worry the woman that followed me got her free sample.



So at this point my drink order and pastry order is placed and the people before me AND after me have gotten their orders but I am still standing there. When I finally get the attention of one of the worker’s I stated what I was waiting for (an ice coffee and a macaroon- probably the simplest order ever, no milk, no sugar, just pour the damn coffee in the cup and put the macaroon in a bag, nothing to be heated or sliced or anything of the sort). I barely got an apology from any of the workers and I just walked out and rushed to my train.

Now I am on the train and I cannot wait to have a bite of this pistachio macaroon. Here I am hoping it will be the best macaroon I’ve ever had after the wait I just went through for it….. But no….no no not at all good. Once the first bite hit my lips all i could taste was food dye. that fake pistachio flavor. and wayyy tooo much cookie, not enough filing. Extremely disappointed with Financier and I would NOT go back.



Bakery Review: Harney & Sons Fine Tea Bar

I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY LOVED this tea bar! Harney and Sons not only has a factory in Millerton, NY but they also opened up a tea bar. The tea bar is divided into 3 rooms- one room for tasting tea, the next to shop, and the third is the restaurant portion. The employees are extremely cordial and friendly. I visited the tea bar with two of my friends, Monica and Abby.

My friends and I were absolutely starving by the time we got to the tea bar that we just sat down at one of the tables in the restaurant portion of the shop. Fortunately, when we explained to the woman who came to take our order that it was our first time visiting Harney and Sons she informed us of how the store was set up; furthermore, after she took our order she told us to feel free to go into the tasting room and try some teas and that she would come and get us once our food was ready.

In the tasting room they have 4 “Teas of the Moment” which are all free to taste. Then each person gets to pick one tea from the wall that they would like to try as well- sounds simple right? Well you should see this wall of teas!!! They have everything from black teas to white teas to green teas- I was completely overwhelmed. I ended up sticking to my safe zone and choose a black tea, English Breakfast. It was wonderful doing the tea tasting with friends because we all had the opportunity to try each others.

Their menu is simple yet intriguing. I ordered a proscuitto and brie baguette, but honestly the way they described their peanut butter and jelly sandwich sounded amazing I was so close to ordering that  instead! For dessert my friends and I went all out: We ordered two pots of tea, fruits d’alsace and hot cinnamon spice, then we ordered the scones, carrot cake, and rice pudding. I found the hot cinnamon spice tea to be a little too sweet with all of the desserts; the fruits d’alsace tea was delightful though. 


The scones were my favorite pick out of all the desserts. They were crumbly and light and served with delicious clotted cream and jam. 

The prices were all worth it. I spent about $25 on my meal but then again the average person doesn’t share three desserts at brunch, so yours could probably be a little less. 

Definitely cannot wait to return to Harney & Sons!