Bakery Review: Sweet Corner Bakeshop

I am happy to follow my last post with this delightful one!

Each time I go into the city I make it a goal of mine to visit a new bakery and for this city trip I visited Sweet Corner Bakeshop. The funny story is I actually met the owner of this bakeshop when he came to build a wedding cake at the resort in Georgia I had been working at. Honestly you should check out this cake it was pretty amazing…


What I like about this shop is that it’s simple and straightforward. The vibe I got was “we have amazing pastries, just buy one and wash it down with our delicious coffee”; there was no added fanfare or pompous display cases. I ordered their renowned chocolate chip sea salt cookie and a latte. I sat in the shop enjoying my purchase, while watching all the eager wealthy children of the west side rush into the shop for what must be a daily after school stop.

IMG_8692IMG_8690Sweet Corner is a little tricky to find as any New Yorker knows the West Side doesn’t follow the NYC grid, but once you stroll upon that sweet corner and smell those fresh cookies you’ll known within that first bite that it was worth the hunt. Also, you’re in the west side now- go explore! go shopping! enjoy yourself! 😉

**This coming from someone who left with huge shopping bags to carry on the subway home.